Youtube’s Cosmic Panda Update

Youtube's Cosmic Panda Update

Youtube's Cosmic Panda Update

Have you heard about the changes coming down Youtube’s pipeline? Well… Youtube is going to undergo some major graphical and interface changes. So far, major functionality seems to stay the same with the exception of Navigation. If you don’t have a customized Youtube channel, the changes won’t really mean much but it’s best practice to keep an eye on them.

It’s always good to observe upcoming changes made by internet giants. Not for how they’ll affect you, but inorder to dissect the underlying objectives and how they implement them. There is a not-so-subtle increase in focus on the ad space (while watching videos), this was probably to reduce competition between the suggested videos and the primary advertisement on the right of the video. A change that probably transalates into millions of dollars.

Do you pay as much attention to your website’s usability? Does your website look and work the way you want it to, or, is it created from the users perspective?

To check out Cosmic Panda, and don’t forget to go back to the same page to revert to the old Youtube.