The Entrepreneur’s Reality Check: What’s Stopping You from Getting the Success and Freedom You Want

Imagine for a moment that every promise for every product, program or service you have ever bought had already come true.

That you were, in fact, already reaping the rewards of all the time, energy and investment you’ve sacrificed.

What would your life be like right now?

How would your life be different?

Well, when I ask new clients these same questions, they tell me…

  • They would have already achieved the positioning they were after…
  • They would already be a leading authority in in their market or niche…
  • They would be making the money they’ve always dreamed about…
  • And have the financial security that is currently missing in their life.

Yet, when I ask them what they’d need to achieve they give me one of a hundred different answers…

All of which are wrong.

In other words, all the things they think they need will never actually get them what they really want.

And that’s the purpose of this post…

To Tell You the One Element You NEED!

This element is absolutely essential to succeeding online.

Now if you’re not making the kind of money you want or have the freedom to do what you want… and build the kind of business you deserve…

Then odds are you’re currently missing the essential element and paying a big price because of it.

And because of that I’ll also share with you the single best approach here in just a second…

To get what you’re missing so you get the momentum you need to achieve what you’ve been after all along.

Before We Go Any Further…

It’s critical to make sure you grasp the significance of what I’m saying so let me ask you this…

Imagine if right now you knew this one element was all that stood between what you really wanted and where you are right now.

What would you be feeling?

That all you had to do was concentrate all your efforts on it, and you’d no longer be torn in 10 or 100 different directions.

And because you were focused, and had absolute clarity and certainty, growing your online business was much simpler and easier than ever before and the money came pouring in faster than you would’ve ever imagined it could.

That’s the power of what we’ll be covering today.

And once you have it you’ll never guess about what’s essential versus what isn’t and you’ll know exactly what you need to do first, second, third and so on to finally get what you’ve been after.

The Missing Element that Makes All the Difference

So what is it? What is this magical element that would drastically and simply getting the success you’re after?

In a word, it’s strategy.

More specifically, an optimized strategy plan that takes you from where you are right now to where you want to be with the least number of steps and in the shortest amount of time.

Now there’s a very good reason why right now you’re not operating with an optimal strategy.

And it’s important that you understand why you want to fix it.

The number of ways to market online has exploded in the past few years. Then added to those hundreds of different options are thousands of different tactics to exploit those options.

And when you add them all up you’ve got tens of thousands of choices of how you’ll achieve your dreams alone.

Obviously, with all of these options in front of you it’s close to impossible for you to figure out which approach is actually the best approach to take to get you what you want.

So What Do You Do?

Well, if you’re like the overwhelming majority of online entrepreneurs…

You go around buying products, and programs from a bunch of specialized experts, each of them claiming their approach is best, each of them assuring you that their system or method is what you need to get you want you really want.

So the list-building guru sells you on list-building strategies, the positioning guy sells you on achieving expert positioning, the video guy sells you on video, the copywriter sells you on conversion strategies.

And up until now you’ve been hoping that someday you’ll come across that magic strategy that’s specifically designed for someone like you, that lays out the specific steps that you’ll need to take to achieve your dreams.

If so, I’ve Got Some Bad News for You…

Why? Because if you’ve read this far, I’m willing to be you’ve been looking for your optimal strategy in all the wrong places.

You’ve been hoping a specialist would behave like a generalist and that can’t happen.

Because a specialist has a very deep knowledge around a specific area – while knowing very little about anything else – that’s what makes them a specialist.

While a generalist has less specific knowledge than a specialist, but has that knowledge across all the different options in front of you to recommend the best path to follow, the type of specialist you’ll need to get you what you want.

A generalist can help you avoid the darker side of freedom – which is consistently having the freedom to make bad choices.

In doing so, can help prevent the confusion, anxiety, and stress that’s our natural response to too many options, and not enough decisions.

Such a generalist can also help you find short-cuts across multiple tasks, the backdoor, proven strategies that can help you build the business of your dreams – and potentially save years of wasted time and effort of chasing one magic bullet after another.

Yet if You’re Like the Majority of Online Entrepreneurs…

You’ve probably never bought a product or program from a generalist.

Instead you’ve gone from one specialist to another hoping they would give you what you needed – a step-by-step plan that made it as simple as straight forward as possible to get you the ultimate outcome you’re after.

But, if you’ve understood what I’ve been telling you, you should now realize that this is simply impossible.

You’re asking a specialist to not be a specialist, and that’s as likely as winning the lottery.

Now don’t feel bad, this is probably the single most common mistake online entrepreneurs make.

They go about totally focused on the HOW while ignoring the bigger question of WHAT.

So they learn how to do this, how to do that, how to do all the different things they’ve been promised will change everything once they’ve learned how to do whatever it is each individual specialist thinks is the Holy Grail.

And What Does that Flurry of Activity Always Leads To?

I’ll tell you – it leads to confusion, overwhelm, frustration and ultimately disappointment.

It’s a path of decline punctuated by brief bursts of hope whenever a new specialist arrives with a new promise that gets you to believe that what they’ll teach you can and will change everything.

If you’re anything like the overwhelming majority of online entrepreneurs I’m sure this is much more familiar than you wish it was.

But the good news is…

At least now you know you should be focusing on the WHAT and not the HOW.

Before reading this, might not have known any better and because of that you couldn’t have made the right decision, but now you know better.

Now you’re a step closer to making better, faster decisions. And that’s all it takes to put you on the right path, the path that’ll take to your goals.

But back to my point…

And that’s this: To be effective as an entrepreneur you must always focus on the WHAT before you ever spend any time focusing on the HOW.

In other words, you need to be certain on what you need to do to get what you want…

Before you spend any time learning how to do it.

If you take one thing away from this blog post… that should be it.

Let me repeat that…

Before you spend another dollar learning how to do something, you need to be 100% certain of WHAT IT IS YOU REALLY NEED IN YOUR BUSINESS.

Otherwise, you’re putting one more obstacle between you and the business of your dreams.

And wasting more time when you could be making the kind money and having the freedom you want.

I’ll get into more of the “How” to do that in my next post. For now I have questions for you.

(And I’d appreciate it if you could answer in the comments so I don’t feel all alone out here.)

1. Does this post apply to where you are in your business and your life right now?

2. Do you have an idea of what you need for your business or are you still at square one?

Even just answering those two questions honestly will at least give you an idea of where you stand.

Then next week I’ll get into the “How” to know the “What”… specifically what you really need to get the life and business you always wanted.

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