The $600 Million Dollar Marketing Secret

I want to share one final marketing tactic with you in this post.

Like I mentioned in your last post, a consulting client of mine – Agora Publishing – is set to break the $600 million mark this year. Much of that success is due to this technique I want to share with you now.

It’s a powerful technique that will let you leverage your current assets to their maximum potential.

In internet marketing, when a promotion’s success started to wane and an entrepreneur felt they needed a new one, they usually created a new product to go with it.

New promotion = New product.

Agora does it very differently.

Rather than creating a new product every time they need a new promotion, Agora keeps the same product and just creates a new promotion around it. If they have to, they might create a new premium, some kind of bonus that they’ll attach to some need, desire, or want on the part of their prospect that ties back into their product.

That may sound simplistic, but it’s not. And the key secret to their massive success is how they keep each new promotion fresh and interesting to their list while still promoting the same product over and over.

I’m going to show you how you can do what they do.

To do it, I’m going to run through a fairly long, but by no means comprehensive, list.

It’s a list of different human needs that will stimulate a purchase.

You might have heard of some of these before. Not all of them are going to be earth shattering revelations. That’s not my intention here.

My guess is that if you’ve ever seen a list like this, you’ve looked it over and done very little to apply it to your day-to-day business. That means you never really extracted the true value of what a list like this can provide you. So here’s what I want you to do…

Tapping Into The Unlimited Power Of “The List”

First I want to explain to you why a list like this is valuable and what you can do with it.

A rookie marketer will take their list, maybe print it out and put it on their desk next to their computer and ultimately forget about it.

A marketer with a little bit more savvy may do all those same things and then look at the list and figure out which one or two of them he or she can tap into in promoting their product. That’s certainly superior than the first approach. But it’s nowhere near as impactful as what a pro will do.

Here’s what you can do to instantly improve your marketing ability. This is incredibly powerful.

Instead of just printing out the list and identifying one or two needs you might be able to tap into, I want you do something totally different.

I want you take a certain number of these needs each day and brainstorm as many different ways your product can actually satisfy that particular need. Even if there is no immediate, obvious way that comes to mind.

In other words, I want you to use these human needs and desires to stimulate your brain; to figure out a connection between what it is you provide and that particular human need and desire.

So let me run down the list and then I’ll give you a quick example…

Twenty-five Keys to Making More Money

So here is a short list of human needs and desires that you would do well to brainstorm. Take two or three each and every day and spend some time trying to connect your product to them. By doing this you come up with an extensive list of angles of attack in your marketing.

  1. Add More Fun To Their Life
  2. Avoid Criticism or Embarrassment
  3. Escape Physical Pain
  4. Be A Good Parent
  5. Be More Efficient
  6. Be Healthier
  7. Be Fashionable
  8. Be Independent
  9. Satisfy a curiosity
  10. Be more Popular
  11. Be Proud Of their Possessions
  12. Be Recognized As An Authority
  13. Satisfy Their Ego
  14. Escape Shame
  15. Express A Personality or Creativity
  16. Fulfill a Fantasy of an Adventure
  17. Gain Confidence
  18. Gain Knowledge
  19. Save Time or Money
  20. Work Less
  21. One-Up Others
  22. Overcome Obstacles
  23. Protect Oneself And Family
  24. Relieve Boredom
  25. Renew Vigor And Energy

Now again, this is a SHORT list. It’s by no means comprehensive. I could go on for hours listing out these human needs and desires, but for the sake of space, I’m going to cut it short there.

A Quick Brainstorming Example

When I say “brainstorm,” I mean take even ones that you don’t think apply and think of ways you can make them apply.

So one in the list was to “satisfy a curiosity.” How does buying your product/using your service satisfy satisfy their curiosity?

That’s not necessarily an easy one for many of you, but nonetheless you need to think about it. Think about your prospects and all the things they could potentially be curious about. And how purchasing your product/using your service would allow them to satisfy that curiosity.

In my case, I might think about the differences between how successful entrepreneurs go about starting their business, and the way your average internet marketer does it. That might be something my market is curious about.

Or they might be curious about what high level entrepreneurs talk about when they get together that gives them all the ammunition they need to become much richer by the time that meeting is over.

So those are just two off the top of my head. But I want you to keep going.

The idea is that if you can do this for each and every one of these desires I just laid out for you (and there are many more obviously) then you would start building an arsenal of marketing bullets that you could use in all of your messaging whether it’s emails, blog posts, videos, etc.

All it takes is ten or twenty minutes a day picking two or three of those desires, and brainstorming all the different ways you might potentially be able to satisfy that to build a massive, valuable list.

By building out this list and seeing all the different ways that you can position what it is you’re selling so that it resonates with all their different needs, it gives you a tremendous advantage in marketing.

Now, get started…