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Rich Schefren is one of the most sought after speakers in the industry and is recognized as a marketing and business trend spotter by many marketing elite. Rich has been featured in top media outlets and has appeared on some of the biggest stages in the Internet Marketing and Business Development space.

CEO, Visionary, Coach and Award Winning Author

Rich Schefren is an entrepreneur with an education in accountancy and strategic planning. He has a proven track record of business development and marketing excellence.

Working as both an Internet marketer, and a consultant to Internet marketers has enabled Rich Schefren to identify all of the problems those who wish to market on-line face.

There is much that current and aspiring business owners and marketers may learn from Rich Schefren’s examples, and wisdom. He delivers a lot of invaluable information, and his talks have helped build the careers of many online marketing gurus out there today!

Speaking Topics

Business Growth With Ai + Data

Rich breaks down the strategies, tools, and tactics leveraging AI and Data to grow a business today and into the future. Learn how to leverage these tools to dramatically improve your marketing, create better products, and drive performance throughout your organization.

Creating Demand For Product and Services

Rich explains the critical difference between marketing and selling, then shows how to create marketing so effective it makes selling superfluous. Next how to package your marketing message to make it spread virally throughout your market.

The Future Of Marketing & How To Win

In our digital age Marketing is evolving faster than any other area of business. Those out in front get more customers at lower acquisition costs than their competitors. Rich reveals how to win today and tomorrow to ensure sustainable growth and lead your market.

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