I Don’t Think We Can Be Friends Anymore

A little over a year ago I left an internet marketing seminar feeling disheartened, disillusioned, and disappointed by what I saw. In fact, I was so disturbed I wrote a warning, a prescription for change, a call to arms for entrepreneurs online – The Internet Business Manifesto.

That’s why it’s rather ironic that I am writing this post from my hotel balcony in Sydney, Australia, once again disappointed, depressed, and disturbed by what I witnessed yesterday at an internet marketing event I participated in.

There were 16 speakers, many of whom were clients of mine. It was an impressive lineup of self made entrepreneurs who got to their current position by learning, thinking, working hard, and marketing even harder.

Yet table rush after table rush were for so-called “short-cuts” like Private Label Rights Products, Push Button Software, And you just sit at home and get rich while my company does all the hard work for you type products.

Not one person speaking from the stage got to their current position by any of these methods. You would think that the audience would see that. But if you did, you would be wrong.

What’s even more troubling is how unconscious opportunity seekers are to this “blind inner idiot” controlling their actions. Is it only me who sees this? Am I the only one whose perplexed with the inherent disconnect between what people say they ” understand and agree with” and what they go running to the back of the room to buy?

One of my mentors, Jay Abraham, used to always say he didn’t want to be anyone’s intellectual entertainment. I always felt I knew what he meant by this. Yet today my comprehension of this statement is 10 times stronger than it was 2 days ago.

What I saw yesterday has left an indelible mark inside my brain. It’s nauseated me to opportunity seekers lying to themselves and those around them who they really are at their core.

So here’s the deal…. if you’ve read my stuff, know my point of view, have even agreed with it and then purchased some get rich quick item, I have something that’s always difficult to say….

I Think We Should Stop Seeing Each Other…   

Here’s why…

In the next few weeks I will be releasing Part Two of The Attention Age Doctrine. It’s going to reveal killer strategies that I’ve used inside my business and inside the businesses of my clients. The exact strategies responsible for the hyper-growth my clients and I have achieved. Plus a whole lot more…

But if you are just looking for some report that promises to get you rich fast without any effort on your part then you wouldn’t like what I am going to share anyway. I simply refuse to cater to the lowest common denominator – I will not sacrifice my integrity, nor insult the intelligence of my readers.

I know this sounds harsh – but I just can’t allow my message to be compromised. So if you want to keep believing in all the things opportunity seekers do… no hard feelings, just go somewhere else.

But if you are serious about growing your online business and can’t wait to get your hands on this killer information because you will apply it – then you are exactly who I want to talk to and I can’t wait to put this business transforming info into your lap.