Rich’s Favorite Social Media Strategy

The writing is on the wall…

Fans LOVE it when you livestream.

Not only does it allow your tribe to know you better on a personal level… but it also makes it easier for you to understand their deepest problems and desires.

(Which are critical to helping them as customers.)

For example…

Every Tuesday at 2pm (ET) and Thursday at 6pm (ET), Rich hosts a 2-hour livestream on Facebook. And as a result, he gets to engage the folks on this list who “vibe” with him the most.

Not only does this consult make a positive impact on their business…

But we’ve also built a decent-sized Facebook ad-audience based on the folks who watch Rich’s livestreams (also known as a “PlayThru” audience).

And we’ve found that this audience generates lower CPAs and higher LTVs than other audiences we’ve tested our ads against.

Point being…

If you want your audience to KNOW… LIKE… and TRUST you…

Then livestreaming is a great place to start.

Just one problem…

Not everyone is good at talking on camera LIVE.

And that’s where Molly Mahoney comes in.

She’s a “Camera Confidence Coach,” digital growth strategist, Mama, and owner of The Prepared Performer.

But most importantly…

She’s Rich’s go-to Facebook Live Expert.

Seriously. Before Rich started his weekly livestreams, he called up Molly for advice on the best way to get started.

And since then, livestreams have become Rich’s favorite social medial strategy.

Now normally, you’ve gotta pay Molly thousands (or be bookmarked in her rolodex like Rich) in order to discover her best livestreaming strategies.

But this Thursday, February 25th, she’s hosting a FREE Facebook Live Masterclass called: Attract Your Ideal Client With Live Video.

And during the call, she’s spilling the beans on her best livestreaming ideas.

Are you in?

Molly’s giving away all the secrets of how to feel more confident and create real results with your videos.

You just gotta click here to sign up.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi