My First Free Report in Five Years, The Best Burger in Years, and Why Both Can Boost Your Profits

What I’m about to share with you is not only my biggest announcement in years, but it’ll also be a HUGE marketing breakthrough for you in your own business.

But first a quick story…

A few weeks back, my Content Director, Kat was in Cincinnati for the weekend.

When she got back to the office here in Florida, she regaled all of us with the tale of what she called “the best burger she’s had in years.”

She went into painstaking detail – how the burger was at least six inches tall, slathered with burgundy wine sauce, dripping in Portobello mushrooms and covered in provolone cheese.

Kat also insisted on showing us the picture you see below.

Personally, I’m not much of a burger fan. Nor am I the food lover that Kat is.

So I have to admit, I was only half listening until she said…

“We had to get there early. You have to get to this place at least 30 minutes before it opens or you don’t get a table.”

That’s when I started paying attention…

From a marketing perspective, any restaurant that fills up before it opens is doing something right.

So I did a little digging. Turns out that this particular “burger place” – Terry’s Turf Club – has been featured in Food Network’s Magazine, on the show Diner’s Drive-ins and Dives, and received a TON of praise from food critics.

And it’s all because their owner, Terry Carter has put all his effort into making sure his burgers, his filet-mignon chili (which apparently takes 8 hours to make), and his entire restaurant experience is unforgettable.

There’s a lot to learn from that for your own business, which I’ll get to in a moment. But first, I want to tell you how this ties into my big announcement…

Introducing My First Free Report in FIVE YEARS

Right now, I’m toiling away on my first free report since 2008. It’s due to release the first week of November.

This is a REAL free report. No opt-in. No buy-in necessary. And if I do my job right, this free report could go viral just like my other free reports did.

Now if you have read my Internet Business Manifesto, my Missing Chapter, my Attention Age Doctrine (I or II), or any of my other 7 free reports, then you already know the amount of thorough research I pour into these.

I also have a bad habit of not sleeping until I’m done with one. (Part of the reason I wasn’t that excited to hear about the “world’s best burger” – sorry Kat.)

In fact, I’ve pretty much locked myself in my cigar bar to make sure this report is done on time. But I wanted to take just a moment to leak one of the many ideas in this latest free report to you – my best readers.

And tell you point blank why I felt compelled to write this free report after remaining silent and only writing reports for my clients for so long.

Let’s start there…

Why Now? What’s So Special about 2012?

As I have mentioned here in the past, when I first started Strategic Profits, free reports drove our business.

The Internet Business Manifesto alone brought in over $10 million in sales for our coaching program. And to this day, it continues to generate business for us.

Also, not a week goes by when a new blogger or online entrepreneur does NOT tell us how it’s changed his or her life.

But after writing 7 free reports – and bringing in around $3 million a piece – the truth was I didn’t have to write free reports anymore.

I already had seven little shining beacons out there in the market constantly marketing who I am and what my business had to offer.

So I could concentrate on only writing reports for my clients, and let free reports be mostly a thing of the past.

That’s what I’ve done for the past five years. And it’s worked pretty well.

Ironically, these reports became the exact marketing strategy that I’m going to reveal in my next free report.

This is a strategy that I’ve mostly kept to myself for many reasons including the fact that to me, this is pretty obvious. But apparently it’s not to everyone else.

And right now, I’m seeing a need in the market that’s making me announce it to the world in my next free report.

“I Hate to Tell You This But…”

It’s become glaringly obvious to me that…

The vast majority of online entrepreneurs go about marketing all wrong. They do what I’d call “outside-in” marketing.

What that means is they focus on everything outside their product to sell it rather than the product itself.

For example, they might spend a year writing the perfect sales letter…or months putting together the ideal sales funnel…

But they’ll barely pay a passing glance to creating value in the product itself.

In today’s market, that approach simply does NOT work. There’s too much stiff competition from better marketers for this to be effective.

Also, the Internet has splintered into too many different marketing channels for this work.

Right now, there are so many places to market your products (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, landing pages, paid traffic etc.) that it’s nearly impossible to just focus on marketing your product in all these places without a decent product to sell.

You’ll end up chasing your tail and getting nowhere. That’s not the way you build a sustainable business.

The irony is there is a much simpler way to create a business that allows you to get the leverage and momentum that you need from these marketing channels – but you need to focus your business in an entirely new way.

And that’s what inspired me to write my first free report in years.

Why Not Just Have the Best Burger in Town?

To me focusing on this outside-in marketing is as a shortsighted as setting up a burger place – and spending all the time on making sure the restaurant sign is perfect and you’re in the best location…

And not simply making sure you had the best burger in town.

That’s what Terry Carter did, and according to my Content Director (who doesn’t exaggerate), he does have the best burger in town. And he doesn’t even need to market that heavily – his burgers create word-of-mouth marketing.

That’s what I did with my free reports – I made sure the samples of my work that I gave away were as great as I could make them so potential clients would want to hear more. In short, it worked.

That’s the strategy that I want to introduce to the world in my next free report. It’s about how to focus on your business from the INSIDE-OUT.

How to make sure your product and everything surrounding it is stellar so you can create unforgettable products that your customers will want to tell their friends about.

I’ll get into this more in my next post.

Before You Go, How Can I Help You?

I want to maximize the value in this report for all of you, so you get as many breakthroughs and actionable knowledge out of this report as possible.

So before you go, I’d appreciate it if you could answer the following questions in the comments.

  1. Are you currently doing outside-in marketing where your marketing approach is completely separate and distinct from how you go about creating your products?
  2. Are you doing any work on building your business from the inside-out – focusing on your product, value creation and then the marketing?
  3. Whatever marketing you’re doing, does it offer value to your prospects that gets them buying your products?
  4. What questions to do you have for me?

Again, I’d really appreciate it if you could respond – that way I can ensure that you all get the most out of this next report.

And I’ll be back here with more “leaks” from this free report in the weeks to come. Speak to you then.