Mastering the Attention Age

So you’re still with me in this little series? Good attention!

So what do you know now? Every “age” has it’s unique leverage points that offer economic value. And as an entrepreneur, mastering those leverage points will launch you head and shoulders above the competition.

So… now that we’re smack dab in the middle of the attention age, what leverage points do you need to master?

It’s simple.

You need to master…

Commanding Your Market’s Attention

Because at the end of the day your prospect’s attention is the most important asset you can have.

I’ve said that a couple times throughout the past two posts.

It’s important. You should read it again. Your market’s attention is the most important ASSET you can have in your business.

But what exactly does that mean?

Well take a look at some of the other things you call assets in your business. What do they all have in common?

They all have value. Or they let you create value that you can exchange for even other value. (I.e. money!)

Your prospect’s attention is an ASSET just like those. And that means…


Attention is all about value. And the more of it you can command, the wealthier and more successful you’ll become.

Get it?

OK Rich, So How Do I Get Attention?

Well you can take the conventional route and do the marketing equivalent of jumping around and making a bunch of noise. You can make over-the-top promises that no one will believe. You can give away free content. And give and give and give until there’s nothing left.

You can spend a mountain of money on brand recognition that may or may not bond you to your prospective market.

But frankly the most straight forward, efficient way to get attention is…

Buy it.


That’s right. Buy it.

You absolutely can buy all the attention you want. In online terminology it’s called “driving traffic”.

But don’t get too excited because that’s not the end of the discussion. Simply “getting” your market’s attention isn’t enough.

You have to command it!

And commanding attention is not the same thing. Not even close.

Commanding your market’s attention means getting and KEEPING that attention.

And keeping attention, once you’ve got it, is an entirely different game.

All the shouting, big promising and freebies won’t make someone stick around for long. (And even if it did, they wouldn’t be some one you want hanging around forever anyway.)

Commanding attention means your market is positively engaged with you. Interacting. But not only liking your Facebook page or leaving comments on your blog. Interacting with you on a “value basis”.

If you want to really command attention, that means you have to…

Monetize It!

By tapping into the value of that attention and turning it into money. Extracting the most value you can from the attention you get. (By offering the maximum value for it, naturally.)

Keeping your prospect’s attention is done through the mechanism of your business.

Before you ever worry about getting and keeping attention, you have to make sure you have an attention-worthy business. With all the proper strategic components in place.

Back in 2011 I wrote a report for my Founders Club members called Beyond Traffic. It was pretty radical for its time. It introduced the idea of traffic (attention) not as a goal (I need more traffic), but as a RESULT of a traffic worthy business.

Here’s a short excerpt…


Sure, gas makes your car go. And yes, traffic and sales are what drives your business and its growth.

But how your car drives when you fill up the tank depends on a lot of other things. Filling up with high octane doesn’t mean your car will go fast. It doesn’t even guarantee your car will start. To look at traffic alone – by itself – as the only key to success is like thinking that
simply buying better gas will transform a 1975 Gremlin to a 2011 Maserati.

There are other parts of your car (and your business) that have to come first. Key parts you have to maintain and work to keep tuned up to make sure it performs at peak levels.

The most important part of your business is its structure and design. (You can read all about this in my “Business Blueprint” report.) Your business design is like the engine of your car. If you don’t have a well-built, well-tuned engine, you’re dead in the water. I don’t care what kind of gas (traffic) you pump into your tank. You’re not going anywhere.

Then consider your marketing message. It’s like a car’s drive train. It’s what connects the engine you’ve designed to the fuel that will drive it. (You should have nailed down your marketing message in my “Core Concept” and “Core Myth” reports. In my EEDM report, you learned the most effective way to deliver that message to your market.)

So these posts may sound a little dated. After all, I wrote about all these things years ago. But today they’re still as important as they ever were. And your need to understand them is still as critical to your success. So tell me if this little discussion about attention gotten you to look at things differently?

Drop me a note in the comments below and let me know.

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