I’m Back… (To Kick All Your Butts)

Had a great trip last week. But now it’s back to business. And before we get started there are a couple things I’d like to say.

First, congrats to everyone who had the “cojones” to step up and share what most entrepreneurs are afraid to confront. I admire your willingness to take some action and speak out.

The second thing is that I’ve been thinking about how best I can help. And I came up with kind of a new idea that I want to try out next week. I think it’ll be exciting. I think it’ll be easier for you to consume. And I think it’ll deliver even better results than me just writing on this blog. (You can let me know as we go along.)

Third, what you think is your problem usually isn’t.

So don’t be surprised if I include your comments on a post that doesn’t seem to be what you were looking for. Your problems usually go a few levels deeper.

And That’s The Bad News…

The problem is that most of what you think is holding you back is really a symptom of something deeper.

I mentioned this in one of my comment replies, “Life is an internal experience we mistake for an external one” Essentially that means we “make” the world around us. By the way we perceive it. By the meaning we give everything in it. By the way we respond to and act in it.

And because we do, that means the majority of the obstacles we face are ones we set up ourselves.

Basically that means you’re screwing yourself.

Now Here’s The Good News…

The fact that you do create or set up your own obstacles yourself means you can tear them down too.

Your performance and success as an entrepreneur is based on two things. THINKING and then ACTING strategically. Getting clear on what needs to be done. And then DOING it.

That’s what I’m going to try to help you do. (Of course that’s easier said than done.)

So let me give you an idea of what’s waiting for you all…

If you tend to suffer from any of these symptoms, then it’s time to suck it up before you go on!


Harsh Truth #1, #2 and #3…

If you’re going to start thinking and acting strategically, I need to get you clear on some aspects of reality. Some things you may have been unconsciously distorting in your mind. Right now I need to give you a cold slap in the face with a couple harsh entrepreneurial truths.

Harsh Truth 1

First, I’ve only said this about a million times before:

(And if you don’t have a business, I’ve got a modified version for you: “Your beliefs and behaviors are perfectly fitted to the life you lead.”)

You may have heard me say it before. You may have nodded your head in agreement. But seriously, what have you done to take it to heart?

Take a look at your life as it is right now. Take an inventory of everything you have and have accomplished. The fact that you aren’t where you want to be would suggest to me that you haven’t done much.

Which brings me to harsh truth #2…

Harsh Truth 2

You already have everything you deserve. There’s no point in sugar-coating it. Tell me I’m wrong. If you’re not living your perfect ideal life, you’ve almost certainly got an excuse (although you might call it a “reason”) why you don’t. And that “reason” almost always has to do with some factor outside of you.

But there’s another reason why you’re not living the life and running the business of your dreams. That would be harsh truth #3…

Harsh Truth 3

You cling to things that you have. And by doing that you cut yourself off at the knees when it comes to your potential for success.

Now hold on. I understand you can’t just throw caution to the wind. I understand the necessity to make a living. I know what it’s like to be short of funds. (There was a time some years back when I had to check my balance at the bank before going to the grocery store.)

But that’s not what I’m suggesting.

What I’m suggesting is giving up your beliefs. Being bold enough to see reality as it is and change the way you think about things to make your business and yourself better. (Which may be even harder than jumping into a new business venture.)

One Final Harsh Truth…

I wanted to get this out there this week to give you some time to think it all through. To ponder these truths and figure out where and how they apply to you.

And I will NOT be handing out magic buttons.