How I Got Started In Business Interview With Dan Kennedy

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During a recent trip to participate in a high- level “mastermind” meeting hosted by Dan Kennedy…

Dan and I sat down and did a short, casual video interview together…

…where we talked about how I got started in business

My life as an Internet marketer…

And how I positioned myself as a “Category of One“… by doing the OPPOSITE of what everyone else was doing online.

How I Got Started In Business Interview With Dan Kennedy

Here’s the raw, unedited interview right now. You’ll find it very interesting:

To higher profits and beyond,

March 10th 2012: I’m in Chicago today, to speak at Dan Kennedy’s Live “Experts Panel” Q&A webcast, which kicks off at 12pm EST.

Listen-In LIVE Now

This Live webcast event will go into detail about becoming a Recession Made Renegade Millionaire.

I promise it will be the high-point of your weekend, so don’t miss out.

You’ll be able to post questions by chat during this live event, that the panelists will be answering, myself included.

It’s all happening from 12 noon to 7pm EST.

And my segment will begin a few minutes after 6pm EST.

So check it out now. And if you can’t stay on all day, be sure to set the alarm on your phone for 6pm EST right now…