How I Got My Dream Job

It’s official…

Today marks my 1-year anniversary since I started working with Rich as the publisher of Strategic Profits.

It’s been a crazy ride so far.

But one thing hasn’t changed:

It’s still my dream job.

Every day I get to work with many of the world’s smartest online marketers and copywriters. I get to grow a team of ambitious and talented contributors. And I get to make a major impact with every project I take on.

And while it’s taken me my entire career in direct response to get to this point (about 8 years, not including my entrepreneurial misadventures as a teen)…

Many people don’t realize that I wouldn’t have this job if it wasn’t for one man:

Justin Goff.

(For those of you who don’t know, Justin is the guy you go to when you need help converting your offer on cold traffic. In fact, he grew his own supplement company from 0->$23 million in sales in just under three years. And now he helps some of the biggest names with their marketing including Golden Hippo, Dan Lok, Agora Financial, V-Shred, 4Patriots and more.)

But it all started for me when I joined his email list several years ago.

Then in the summer of 2019, I heard that he was hosting a live event in Austin, Texas with his business partner (and A-list copywriter) Stefan Georgi.

The event was all about teaching the specific secrets that Justin uses to do what he’s known for:

Create frontend offers that convert ice-cold prospects into buyers and generate 1,000+ new customers per day.

So I applied to attend… got accepted… spent several thousand on the ticket + travel expenses… then flew to Austin for the event.

And it was 1,000% worth it.

By the end of the 3-day affair, I walked away with a notebook stuffed full of ideas for funnel split tests, upsell tweaks, copywriting tactics, new offers, media-buying best practices, and the latest rules and regulations for advertising in a compliant way on the major platforms.

But more importantly, getting in the room not only showed that I was a serious copywriter, but it’s where I met (and made a solid impression on) two of the former editors of this e-letter: Peter Coyne and Evaldo Albuqurque.

They told me about the work they were doing with Rich.

So I joined their email list (the same one you’re reading now). And a few short weeks later, they announced that they were hiring a new publisher.

It seemed like a perfect fit.

So I applied.

And the rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

But none of it would have happened if I didn’t attend Justin’s killer event.

Which brings me to the 2 important tips tucked inside this story…

If you want to profit from the mystical powers of serendipity:

  1. Identify the go-to authorities in your space (the ones that all the other authorities pay for advice) and learn everything you can from them
  2. Look for opportunities to infiltrate their circle and make connections with the people they know

Do those two things and amazing opportunities will seemingly fall from the sky.

And who knows?

You might even land your dream job.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

P.S. I hope you can tell from this email that Justin is legit. He’s transformed the lives of dozens of copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs (including my own).

And while his live events — where he teaches how to create blockbuster promotions — may not be in the cards (or the budget) for you right now, he’s currently offering folks the chance to get the next best thing for FREE.

Click here to check it out.

It’s one of the strongest endorsements I can make.