Happy Birthday To My Mentors

I’m not gonna lie…

I’ve had a serious advantage in my career.

Some might even think I’m “privileged.”

But without a doubt, this one factor has been my ultimate shortcut to success — saving me years of painful trial and error in my journey to get where I am today.

I’m talking about mentors.

Throughout my life, I’ve had about a half-dozen people who’ve taken me under their wing, passed along their wisdom, and presented me with opportunities that I would’ve never been privy to if not for our close relationship.

What’s more…

Every mentor I’ve had ALSO had mentors who had a similar impact on their lives.

In other words:

Mentors are a critical ingredient to success in virtually every business.

And if you actively work to find them in your own life — then I’m confident they will pay big dividends in your career, just like they have for me.

Take my first mentor for example:

My dad.

He introduced me to Internet marketing in the early 2000s.

He’s been a champion of my writing skills even when I was barely passing English class in high school.

And seeing his entrepreneurial failures (before launching multiple 7-figure health businesses) gave me confidence that I could do the same thing.

Thanks dad. Happy Birthday.

Then there’s my business partner and latest mentor: Rich Schefren.

I first met Rich in November, 2019.

And in that short time, he’s taught me to think creatively with joint ventures, partnerships, and licensing agreements so that they add massive leverage to our business.

He’s shown me the importance of doubling-down on my strengths and how to “outfox my flaws.”

And above all, he’s entrusted me to run Strategic Profits, which just might be the biggest opportunity of my life.

Thanks Rich. Happy 50th Birthday.

Your mentee,

Matt Rizvi