Achieve Your Goals Faster Than Ever… How To Put VELOCITY In Your Business

If you know me at all, you know how important I believe it is to have specific, clearly defined goals.Too often entrepreneurs set “fuzzy” goals for themselves. Then they wonder why they never know the exact steps they need to take to achieve them. They wonder why they get lost and never make progress.It's because they don't set clear, precise goals.Setting goals is … [Read more...]

Traffic, Metrics and Money! Four Steps To Ensure Your Marketing Makes BIG MONEY!

Here’s a secret about traffic.You don’t need a lot to be successful. (Although the more successful you become, the more traffic will come to you…)You only need to be effective at converting that traffic into money.The more effective you are, the more successful you’ll be......And the reverse is true too.Bringing in more traffic without being able to effectively … [Read more...]

Metrics Made Easy: How To Uncover Your Surest Path To Explosive Business Growth

How do you make decisions in your business?Taking your best educated guess can can be an OK jumping off point. (And the more experience you have the better, more reliable your instincts will be.)But the only sure thing to base your critical business decisions on is…FEEDBACKThe hard data you get from the results of your actions. … [Read more...]

Where Your Most Explosive Business Growth Is Hiding

By the early 1990’s Richard Branson was facing a serious problem.About six years earlier, he was in the midst of launching a new startup idea… Virgin Atlantic Airlines!A business that big is not easy to get off the ground (no pun intended). By the 90’s the new venture was facing serious cash flow issues that put its entire future in jeopardy.To get through them he took … [Read more...]

Your 5-Point Checklist To Leverage Your Greatest Business Asset

Ever seen this?It’s my now famous “You Diagram” from the Internet Business Manifesto.It’s an in-your-face illustration of the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make.(Especially newbies or those entrepreneurs who are just starting out.)They end up designing and building a business that relies entirely on them.It virtually guarantees that you’ll be limited in how big you … [Read more...]