An “Outsider’s” View of Marketing

I’m kind of an introvert.

I’ve always been the guy who prefers to stand at the edge of the party looking in rather than be the center of attention.

And my “outside-looking-in” tendency extends to other areas too. Like the way I think about marketing.

I’ve always been on the outside of the “marketing-think” community too. Don’t get me wrong. I understand that there are time-tested marketing truths. Rules you always have to respect. (You have to know the rules before you can bend them, as they say.)

And I’ve used pretty much every conventional method and channel you can name. I’ve used direct response strategies in the mail and online. I’ve bought newspaper ads. Radio ads. PPC ads. Facebook ads. I’ve used product launches. Marketing funnels. You name it, I’ve done it.

But at the same time, I’ve always kind of looked at all of it from the outside. I’ve always looked for ways to “crank up the heat”, so to speak, of all my marketing. Whether it was the one small tweak I could add that would add major dollars to my bottom line. Or testing an entirely new breakthrough marketing idea.

Two Ideas NO ONE Else Had

In fact, some of my greatest marketing successes have come via some pretty unconventional (and previously unheard of) methods.

I launched an entire business on the back of a single free report. An “educational” piece of content that earned me over $6 million dollars in a matter of weeks. It literally had prospects begging to get in. (I had been hoping to sell about 200 spots in my coaching program. Wound up selling over 2000.) I went on to perfect that technique with the next six free reports I wrote.

Another instance came back when the product launch formula was all the rage. It was a good strategy to be sure. But you had to be launching something to use it. So I created a strategy I called Evergreen Event Driven Marketing. It was the very first automated webinar. It allowed marketers to create an ONGOING marketing message. Something completely outside the realm of the product launch model. I’ve since taught it to literally hundreds of entrepreneurs and today it’s a staple in anyone’s marketing tool kit.

So all modesty aside, I feel like I’m a pretty unique thinker in the marketing space. And I think I’m pretty qualified to give you a few insights that will help boost your marketing.

It’s the “outsider” thinking that makes the most difference. The unconventional wisdom that injects the real power into your marketing.

Care To Join Me On The Outside?

And that’s what we’re going to do over the next few posts. I want to share some of my most powerful, most unconventional ideas and strategies to help you hone your marketing chops to a razors edge.

I think I may even call this series my “Million Dollar Marketing Secrets” because, frankly, they’ve made me millions. My hope is that they’ll help you add a zero or two to your bottom line as well.

Now I’ve gone on about me longer than I wanted to. What I wanted to do was make this post about you. You see, there’s something I need from you.

Don’t be shy. Tell me. (Tell your friends.) I really want to know.

Let’s get this conversation started!

I’ll be back next Monday with your first post.