All Your Questions Answered

O.K. The winners are in!

And let me say all your responses confirmed one thing in my mind… I have some of the sharpest, savviest entrepreneurs following me! (I’m honored.)

Now before we get to the winners, we’ve got a couple things to clean up, beginning with…

MY Definition Of Marketing

I won’t tease you any more. Here it is:

Moving the market to desire your products,
by helping prospects value what it is you have to offer.

So let’s break that down a little further and get some real precision.

  • A market is defined by a common conflict shared by the people in it.
  • A conflict is a goal unattained or a problem unresolved.
  • Every conflict that defines a market directly relates to some deep desires.

So put another way, marketing is tapping in to the desire of a market – your prospects – and linking it to your product or service. Making your product or service, in effect, the object of their desire.

So how do you make a market desire your product or service without out and out telling them about its features or benefits?

How I Do It

You need to make them “get it” for themselves. (Remember: revelation always trumps explanation!)

Working from my definition you’d need to start by tapping in to your prospects’ deepest desires. And show them what they look like in the real world in a context of some urgency.

Once they see this, you can more easily lead them to an “obvious” solution to fulfilling on that desire.

And then it’s just a matter of getting them to connect the dots on their own. So they “discover” for themselves what their desires really are and what they need to fulfill them.

This was the strategy that made my Internet Business Manifesto so successful. (If you don’t have a copy, I highly recommend you download one now!)

At the time I wrote it, there was absolutely no desire in the market for business coaching. Most people were completely unaware of the concept!

So the question was, “How do I make my market desire a business coaching program?”

The one thing I did know was that the desire that connected my market was for the freedom, security and lifestyle that a successful business offered.

I had to get them to see the reality of what their desires looked like in the real world. And tie it to some urgency.

It would have been one thing for me to tell my prospects that today is the easiest day that it will ever be to start an online business. That it only gets more challenging from here.

Instead I showed them the evolution of industries and how people who got in first made the most money. How those second in the market performed less successfully. And all the way down until everyone else got boxed out.

When the reader read that, it’s showed up like a gold rush was going on. People who got started in business early were getting rich. I wanted them to realize their lack of action was not only frustrating them, but costing them more than they ever thought. Because if they didn’t get started sooner rather than later, the party was going to be over.

That’s what that section of the Manifesto was about. It was about tapping into their desires and bringing them to the realization that there was an urgency.

From there is was simple to build a case for a solution.

Bottom line… if you can trigger the thought in your prospect’s head – rather than you telling them – you’re way ahead of the game when it comes to actually “selling” your product.

And Now On To The Winners…

So once again, all your responses were great! But I had to pick 5. So here they are (in no particular order)…


  1. James Paynter
  2. Leon Wagner
  3. Luis Celis
  4. Paul Bonk
  5. Ari Sherbill

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Oh And One More Thing

I think this challenge was kind of fun.

Who’d like to do it again?

Who wants to find out how good of an entrepreneur or marketer they are and play for a little Rich Schefren swag?