Who is Rich Schefren?

CEO & Founder

Rich Schefren is an entrepreneur with an education in accountancy and strategic planning. He has a proven track record of business development and marketing excellence. Schefren is a graduate from Case Western Reserve University and seemed set on a career in strategic planning with the prestigious Arthur Anderson firm, from whom he had won college scholarships. It was an opportunity that many would have appreciated but in 1994 he left Arthur Anderson to rescue the ailing family clothing business.

New York Fashion Pioneer (1994-1997)

In 1994, Rich took over his family’s struggling clothing store located on Broadway in lower Manhattan. Then, using his knowledge of the New York club scene, he redesigned the store, brought in popular DJs to play music, and filled the shelves with up and coming brands. At one time his store was the only place where you would find Diesel Jeans, Vintage Levi’s, Mecca, Sabotage, W & L.T, LEnegia, Mookes & Fray, Gene Meyare, and Kikwear, all under one roof.

The plan paid off. The store attracted patrons such as Madonna, Uma Thurman, Prince, Bon Jovi, and Eric Clapton. Revenue increased from $1.5 million dollars to $6.5 million in three years. In fact, the store became so iconic that many of his employees went on to highly-paid positions with companies such as Diesel, Levi’s, Prada and Dolce & Gabanna.

Hypnosis Center Tycoon (1998-2003)

His hypnosis centers, jointly founded with his wife Deb followed the same path as the family clothing store. Using marketing strategies devised by the likes of Jay Abraham, and John Carlton. Schefren rapidly built a reputation, not as a hypnotist, but as someone able to market hypnosis. His chain of hypnosis centers was able to spend $ 3 million a year on advertising, which combined with some savvy marketing methods created a $7 million turnover in four years. Later he sold his marketing skills to other hypnosis vendors. It was around this time that Schefren first entered into the arena of Internet marketing. He found the business exciting and rapidly set up a number of joint ventures with established names in the field.

Internet Marketing Visionary (2004-Present)

Schefren brought something new to the Internet marketing business, which had hitherto been compared to the ‘old wild west.’ Where others had learned by experimentation tricks and fancy ways to apply direct marketing tactics to the on-line world, few knew how to run their businesses and enjoy quality time at home with their families. This was somewhat ironic since many of these Internet marketers were working out of bedroom, home-offices!

Using the skills he had developed as an entrepreneur; as someone trained in therapy; and with the valuable experience from Arthur Anderson, Schefren was able to rapidly help Internet marketers become better organized, more profitable, and have more leisure time.

In 2004 Schefren formalized his consulting business by launching Strategic Profits, whose target market is currently Internet marketers.

Working as both an Internet marketer, and a consultant to Internet marketers has enabled Rich Schefren to identify all of the problems those who wish to market on-line face. Importantly he discovered that it may not be the marketing itself that causes Internet businesses to fail, but rather that people start out believing that they must create everything themselves.