A Tale Of Two Realities

Let’s talk about two realities.

First there’s “grounded reality.” That’s the reality that’s described by statements of clear fact. “This is a blue pen.” This reality is actually a pretty small of what we concern ourselves with on a day to day basis.

Then there’s “ungrounded reality.” That’s everything else. That’s the “reality” that includes every judgment, every label, every opinion and so on that you create. “This is the best pen in the world!”

In the world of “grounded realities”, nothing carries any meaning on its own. But in your world of “ungrounded realities” everything carries some meaning.

And here comes your big Ah-ha!… (If you don’t get it right away, just stay with me.)

They’re just the meanings you assign to things. Stories you create about things and events that happen around you. (And more often than not they’re “creative” stories that don’t serve you as much as they actually hold you back!)

You see, you’re a natural storyteller. So much so you believe every story you’ve ever told yourself. You make up meaning all the time. And you’re so good at it that you don’t even realize the fact that you ARE making it all up.

I hope you’re getting this. I really, really do. Because if you are, then you should immediately start seeing other possibilities and other options that have been out there the whole while staring you right in the face.

So, it’s time to get real about your realities. It’s time to own them.