6 Quick Tips that I Stole from Dan Kennedy…

(That you can borrow for your business)

30 minutes. That’s how long it took me to figure out that Dan Kennedy’s work was going to save me millions – and transform my business.

Let me tell you the story…

It happened 15 years ago. Long before I got started online. Long before I even knew what “Internet marketing” was.

At the time, I was running a chain of hypnosis centers in New York City.

To bring in new clients for my hypnosis business, I was constantly running advertisements in both local and national newspapers.

Of course, I was writing all those ads myself.

At the time, I didn’t know anything about direct response, or writing marketing copy, so I was basically using trial and error to figure out which advertisements worked for my business.

It wasn’t long before I noticed the strangest thing…

The more I loved one of my print ads – the worse it performed.

And the more I hated one of my cheesier ads – the better it did.

Of course, I had no idea why. So I started studying direct response copywriting in all my spare time to figure out what was happening.

I was also split-testing all my ads to discover what worked and what didn’t for my business. What call to action worked best. What headline worked better. And so on.

Turns out, I could have saved myself a lot of time and energy, if I had just stumbled across Dan’s stuff earlier…

My Crash Course in What Dan Already Knew…

All totaled, I probably spent over a $1 million in advertising revenue just testing ads for my business. (Yes, I made that $1 million back in sales – but still, it was a sizeable investment at the time.)

All that stopped when I finally found Dan’s stuff.

At the time, one of my good friends in the hypnosis world had hired Dan to write copy for his business. He was willing to pay Dan $40,000 for a single sales letter. Even with all that I was spending on ad revenue – a $40,000 copywriting fee seemed steep to me.

But my buddy assured me Dan was worth it. He advised me to go online and find one of Dan’s programs. I humored him, and ordered one course.

About a week later, a HUGE box arrived at my door, stuffed with Dan Kennedy’s work. I popped Dan’s first video into my VCR (yes VCR – no DVDs back then)… and started to watch.

In the first 30 minutes of watching this video, Dan explained exactly why my newspaper ads were working or not working.

He pointed out why editorial ads work better. (Something I had figured out on my own.) And why a caption beneath a picture increased conversion rates. (Again, something I had paid to discover.)

Dan basically gave me all the marketing intelligence that I had paid over a million dollars in advertising revenue to learn through trial and error.

That was it. I was hooked.

Why am I bringing this up now?

This story has been on my mind this week, because I’ve been pouring over Dan’s just released product – his “Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint.”

The “Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint” is a step-by-step blueprint of how to build an information business from the ground-up.

To say I’m “impressed” by this new product is almost an insult.

I’m actually blown away by how much of Dan’s best work they have managed to neatly package in this one product.

I’ve personally bought most of Dan’s products over the years and I’ve attended his seminars, so I recognize that each module in this new course – is based on his best work over the years.

That’s why I’ve been telling my team, my readers and my friends in the industry that this is the best Dan Kennedy program I’ve ever seen.

Almost like a “greatest hits” course.

Here’s a shot of Dan and a younger me at his seminar.

Rather than give this program a 5-star review – although I certainly could – I’d rather show you what I mean and let you decide for yourself.

So below I’ve ripped six ideas from this new “Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint.” These are six of the hundreds of insights that are hidden inside this new step-by-step “Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint.”

Any one of these ideas could potentially transform your business, the way Dan Kennedy’s work over the years has transformed mine.

6 Ideas that I Stole from Dan Kennedy’s
“Greatest Hits” Product

1 Step #1 is identifying a responsive market, it’s NOT deciding on the product or the offer. (Module 1, page 10)

This one tip alone can save you years of wasted time and energy.

Over the years, several of my coaching clients have come to me for help because they have been trying to sell a particular product without any success. Often, that’s because they created a product that there’s absolutely no demand for in the marketplace.

Don’t let this happen in your business. Always test your product idea in your marketplace first – before you actually create the product itself.

You can do this by introducing the idea on your blog (and see what kind of response you get). Or you can write a quick landing page for your future product and pre-sell it before you actually create the product.

The point is: Find a market first, create your product second. (Dan explains how to do this in Module 3 and 4.)

2 When choosing an audience: Better to pick a small haystack and more needles, than a big haystack with hardly any needles. (Module 4, page 7)

I love this analogy. We all know the “needle in the haystack” metaphor.

The idea here is it’s better to choose a small, well-defined niche and have a ton of followers in that small niche, than pick a large niche where your message won’t be heard.

How to use this in your own business…

If you already have chosen a niche (whether large or small), you can carve out an even smaller niche for yourself through specialization.

In other words, you can create what I often refer to as a “category of one” for your business – where you’re the only business inside that category.

You can do this simply by redefining what it is you do and finding a smaller group of people who are seeking those specialty services.

You see this in countless professions all the time. It’s why there are over a dozen types of attorneys. Why there are so many specialists in the health field.

Experts within their space are constantly redefining themselves to serve a smaller, more defined niche – “a smaller haystack” as Dan says.

3 The longer you’re at this, the more you assume that everyone knows what you know – they don’t. Keep that in mind when you’re building your product. (Module 3, Page 4)

The idea here is: Every beginner – and every potential customer of yours – starts where you once were. They don’t have your years of experience in your field. They haven’t studied your area of expertise.

They may be intelligent, educated, rationale adults – but they still don’t know everything that you do.

This is something that I have to remind myself every time I’m preparing to speak at a webinar, livestream or workshop. I always want to start at the “advanced” level – when in reality, clients want me to begin at the natural place to start – the beginning.

When I watched my first Dan Kennedy video – Dan could have glossed over that first half hour where he covered the “basics” that I had paid over a million dollars in advertising revenue to learn. But Dan didn’t skip the essentials – he went through them. (That’s how he got me as a customer for life.)

When you’re creating an information product for your business, you have to keep in mind that your potential clients – while smart – want you to break it down for them and walk them through only the essential steps.

4 Wrap every product you create around a big concept. (Module 3, Page 6)

If you’re a client of mine, you may know this as the “core concept.” It’s the one powerful idea that perfectly encapsulates every idea in your product.

When you use this core concept in your marketing, your customer knows in an instant what they’re buying in your product.

Personally, I used a core concept in every major marketing piece I’ve ever created – from my webinars to my free reports. It’s why these marketing pieces have been so successful.

In Module 3, Dan goes on to give you 25 different ways to create products to either start your business – or supplement your income on the side – and he gives you a blueprint to how to create each.

5 There are lots of reasons why people don’t immediately buy or they won’t buy from one person – but they might from someone else.
(Module 5, Page 23)

One of the most important questions you can ask in your business is “why did these people NOT buy my product?”

When you create a sales piece, a webinar or a free report to sell your product, there will always be a large percentage of people who consume your marketing and yet still don’t buy your product.

That means they read all the way to the end of your free report. Or they watched your entire webinar. And they still didn’t buy.

Rather than letting those people go, it’s your job to ask why they didn’t buy – and follow-up with them in every way possible.

Dan gives you several ways to do this to collect this long-hanging fruit in Module 5.

6. On pricing your product: “You need some rationale for why it makes sense for them to make the purchase. The best ones are so “brain-dead” stupid that makes it shameful and stupid not to buy.” (Module 7, page 16)

This seems like it should be obvious, but I’m including it because I’ve watched tons of entrepreneurs over the years make this mistake.

There has to be an easy, obvious answer why your product not only solves your potential clients’ problem – but it makes all other competitor’s solutions irrelevant.

The best obvious answers can be summed up in a single sentence that should be mentioned repeatedly in your marketing. (Remember when I mentioned a “core concept” before? This “obvious answer” can be it.)

The next step is to price your product in a “reasonable” way based on the solution you’re offering. Dan has specifics on what to charge in module 7, based on what kind of product it is.

Again, these six ideas above are only a few of the hundreds of marketing and product ideas in this program. To learn more you can check it out through the button below.

Quickly, Before I Get Out of Here…

This post has already gone on longer than I intended.

But VERY quickly, I want to mention that because I was so impressed by this product, my team and I have put together a $4,000+ bonus package for Dan’s program – that you’ll get free when you order this “greatest hits” program through our link below.

This $4,000+ bonus package includes a new “lean program” – that I’ve never released anywhere. This new program specifically walks you through how to test the market first, and build your product second with the “lean start-up” method.

But again, all this is just incentive to take advantage of Dan’s greatest product yet. You can learn more through the link below.

For now, I want to leave you with one thought: Dan Kennedy has mentored thousands of business owners over the years.

I’m just one of many who stumbled across his teachings. But it changed the way I do business, and it can do the same for you.