11 Questions You Need To Answer To Know If A “Shiny Object” Is Right For You!

A lot of entrepreneurs believe their performance struggles stem from “shiny object” syndrome. Getting distracted by the latest, greatest, newest, sweetest, whiz-bangiest whatever-it-is. But did you ever think a “shiny object” could actually be good for your business?

You know what… they actually can!

You just need to make sure of a few things first…

1: Q: “Is it a PROVEN shiny object?”

(I’m not talking about testimonials in the sales copy.) Ask yourself: “Has it worked for others with business goals similar to mine?” “Do I know anyone personally who has used it with success?” “Have any of the big players in my market implemented and used it successfully?” You have to say “yes” to this question before you answer any of the others.

2: Q: “Does it make sense within the frame of my current business vision – with what I hope to achieve for myself and my customers?”

3: Q: “What are the associated tradeoffs? What are the costs I will incur relative to the payoff I can expect?”

4: Q: “Will it enhance my present process of achieving my goals? Or will it unnecessarily complicate things?”

5: Q: “Will it actually simplify my work toward my goals, or does it simply add to my workload?”

6: Q: “Will it require any arbitrary change in direction from my essential steps?”

7: Q: “Will it demand excessive resources to implement?”

8: Q: “How much time will it take away from my current processes? How much time might it save?”

9: Q: “Can I easily implement it across my entire organization? Or will it take excessive time and effort?”

10: Q: “Will it send a confusing message to my team and or my customers?”

11: Q: “Can I explain all of what it will do for me within the framework of my current vision on the back of a cocktail napkin?”

(If its benefits are not clear and in focus, forget it.)