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Dear Affiliate Marketer,

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  • You get $748.75 a sale! – on every “Full Pay” order of $2,995.

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All together, you get reliable, substantial affiliate payouts generated from a tested and proven marketing system you can promote any time, any day, 24/7, 365 days a year!

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You see, with our automated, 365 days a year Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing System, there will never be any product launch “competition” to steal your sales.

With NONE of the annoying promo scheduling you usually do for launches, and no wondering when the best time to mail is, to get your share of the cash before everyone else does.

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  1. First, schedule a promo to your email list using our proven 4-step, sequential promotional email series. Many of our affiliates have found it even more profitable to run this same 4-step series a month or two after mailing it the first time.

  2. Next, install the same 4-step email series in your optin or after-sale autoresponder follow up system. This will ensure your commissions keep coming month after month, without you lifting a finger!

  3. Finally, place our proven Event Promotion Banner Graphics on your home page and on your blog. What’s great is that you’re promoting a Free Accelerated Business Course, which people are more apt to click on than a blatant product ad.

This is your 3-Part Profit Plan for making Big commissions right away…and for many months to come… on autopilot.

Your referred leads will be “cookied” for a full 90 days… plenty of time for them to go through our entire Evergreen Event-Driven Marketing System… which can take from one week to four weeks, depending on their interaction with the system.

In the proven Business Growth System 2.0 Marketing System, we do all the follow up. We get your prospects to attend the event. We follow up again and again, making sure they understand the benefits and the offer, and how they can get started immediately!

We’re working hard on your behalf, to bring you the maximum number of sales. That means offering your referred leads other purchase options if they decide Business Growth System is not right for them at this time. And you get 25% commissions on any order placed by your leads for 3 full months!

And just as important… you can rest assured that we will always respect your prospects, giving them useful, actionable content they can use to build a real business online. Content designed to teach, not just sell.

So now, it’s time to make some money together!

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To Higher Profits, Rich Schefren

yaro_portrait“The Strategic Profits affiliate program is GOLD. It has by far been the most profitable program I’ve ever been in, netting me over $40,000 in commissions.

What’s really great about Rich and his team and the products they produce, is how easy they make it to promote as an affiliate. The free resources are of such high quality, my subscribers THANK ME for telling them, and then I get paid for sales too. That’s a win-win-win relationship if I ever saw one.

Yaro Starak

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