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In a nutshell, Strategic Profits helps marketers win and businesses grow. Of course, many businesses claim to do the same. However, what makes us different is the unique advice we deliver and the unrivaled track record of results.

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Since we’ve started in 2006, we’ve helped our clients bring in over $15 Billion in added revenue since they started working with us. Fast forward to today, our clients rake in an additional billion a year, year in and year out, in added revenue.

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Our clients achieve their impressive results by leveraging the first mover advantage we provide through our reports, masterclasses, programs, and consulting.  Our goal is to help each and every client first identify then exploit their highest leverage opportunities.

This way our clients focus on the fewest number of extremely high-payoff activities. The 5% that’ll deliver 90% of the results.

About Rich Schefren

Rich Schefren, the “guru to the gurus” has personally added over 15 Billion dollars of additional revenue to his clients over the course of many years. He’s been featured on media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, ABC, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, The Discovery Channel, The Daily News, The New York Post… and many others.

About Rich Schefren

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