Your 5-Point Checklist To Leverage Your Greatest Business Asset

Ever seen this?


It’s my now famous “You Diagram” from the Internet Business Manifesto.

It’s an in-your-face illustration of the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make.

(Especially newbies or those entrepreneurs who are just starting out.)

They end up designing and building a business that relies entirely on them.

It virtually guarantees that you’ll be limited in how big you can grow your business.

It puts a 20-foot brick wall between you and your income goals.

It ensures you’ll be struggling as long as you’re running your business – working harder and harder for way less than you’re worth.

It’s a scary picture when you think about it.

The entire weight of your business weighing down on YOU. And the more you try to grow your business the bigger that burden becomes.

Your business shouldn’t be a burden. It should be your pathway to financial and personal freedom… don’t you think?

And yet so many entrepreneurs end up with some sort of variation of this picture.

Even successful entrepreneurs running 6- or even 7-figure businesses can experience some version of this.

(And YOU as the captain of your own entrepreneurial ship most likely can’t see what it is that blocking you from the massive success you’re after.)

You see, all it takes is one piece of this diagram to be out of whack to clog up your whole success pipeline.

Because every area of your business that depends on you slaps a constraint on the biggest key to easy, fast success…

The Key To Maximum Success
(No Matter Where You Are In Your Business)

The key to eliminating these constraints of dependency is…


Leverage, in business, simply means getting the maximum results from the minimum effort. Most entrepreneurs don’t even remotely grasp this remarkably simple truth.

Instead they think “more” is the answer.

They think that all they need to succeed is to implement one more thing – and put in one more week of all-nighters doing it – and things will fix themselves.

Well as I wrote in the Manifesto, “Since when is more the answer to too much?

No. Succeeding strategically in business actually actually means doing LESS. While still getting the biggest bang for your buck. And to do that, you’ve got to understand how and where to get leverage in your business.

Now depending on your business, there can literally be hundreds of possible leverage points that will break you free from the constraints that are holding you back.

Too many to get into in this short post.

But I’d like to share one area that you should look at before all the others.

Because if you can leverage THIS ONE AREA in your business, you’ll see the biggest performance shift you could ever imagine.

You’ll see your income grow faster than ever before… You’ll work less for bigger and bigger results… Your day to day activities will seem like a total breeze to you… And on top of all that, you’ll gain a huge competitive advantage over all your competition.

I’m talking about leveraging your personal strengths.

Of course this brings up another question I hear from newbie entrepreneurs all too often… “How do I discover my strengths?”

So to answer that, I want to give you a simple 5-point checklist to help you uncover your biggest leverage point. Sort of a beginner’s guide to spotting the one place where you can inject leverage into your business.

And make no mistake, even if you currently are running a semi-successful business this can be an extremely valuable exercise to go through just to make sure you’re not missing anything

Your Checklist To Leveraging Your Biggest Asset

First you want to get a journal and set aside just a few minutes to write in it every day. By doing this, you’ll be able to capture the clues in your daily life that will point you toward your real strengths. The number one area that you should be leveraging. Go through the following checklist and make notes in your journal.

[ ] Areas of Yearnings…

The things you yearn for are like an internal magnet. You get pulled toward them no matter what. Over the course of your life, those yearnings may become less noticeable – because you or external “advice” make them seem unattainable. But they’re still there. Get present to them and jot them down.

[ ] Areas of Satisfaction…

Look at the things you did during the day that gave you the biggest emotional kick! The things that left you satisfied and complete. Satisfactions are not fleeting – they form our intrinsic motivation. So that means if it feels good… take note of it.

[ ] Areas of Rapid Learning…

Watch for the things you catch onto quickly. Or the actions that you can knock out in a hurry. Or just the things you’re just plain good at. Anything that you can (or have previously) internalized quickly is something you want to notice for. Write down what you discovered each day.

[ ] Areas of Excellence…

You want to take note of your performance. Something you did that you did well. Areas where you performed in an outstanding manner are always a key pointer to your most leverageable strengths. And finally…

[ ] Areas of Total Performance…

Where do you get into “the zone”? What are you doing when time stops and you’re in that flow state? Total performance is more than just a glimpse of excellence. Or doing something well (as in the last item). These are things that happen consistently. They’re repeatable. And they show up frequently for you. Write them down too.

Do This Every Day

Print (or write out) a copy of this checklist. And then open your journal every day and reflect on each item on this checklist. (If it’s easier, you can work with a pocket notebook you keep with you and just jot things down as you do them.) When you notice something, write it down in as much detail as you need to. Then check that area off your list for that day.

In a week or two, go back through your journal and start looking for patterns.

You’ll begin to see things that you do and areas in your life that you breeze through on a regular basis. Things that you love to do. Things that you’re great at. Things that give you an emotional boost like nothing else.

All of these things are pointing at your biggest strength – your most important leverage point… Your personal strengths!

And Do It Even If Your Business
Is Already Up And Running…

Putting more leverage into your business will boost all your results no matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. Uncovering and eliminating the invisible constraints that are jamming up the works is the easiest and most effective way to break your business free from whatever is holding you back.

(Of course, if you’re slightly more advanced but you still find yourself struggling or stuck at a certain income level or some other obstacle, there may be other things in your blind spot that are holding you back.)

But try this exercise first and see if it doesn’t shed some light on what you should be leveraging.

So would leveraging your strengths make a difference in your business?  How about your life?  What would it be like?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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