Seven Reasons You Need To Adopt This Problem Solving Strategy…

Shocking confession dead ahead.

I get stuck just like everybody else.

Despite the image that follows me around, I’m not superhuman. I may have more mental models about business that make me more effective that the majority. And I may have experienced success at a level greater than the norm. But I can still get stuck just every other entrepreneur on the planet.

The big difference is that when I do, I know how to get “unstuck” fast.

And one of my big secrets for doing that is what I call my “collaborative circle”. A handful of peers I connect with on a regular basis. And especially when I’m facing a particular challenge.

I’m sure you know who some of mine are… Mark Ford, Jay Abraham, Todd Brown, Michael Cage, Dan Kennedy just to name a few.

Now, maybe you don’t have access to “heavy hitters” like these. But I promise you, there are people in your life you can connect with that can offer all the same benefits. And you need to do it now.

Let me tell you why…

Seven Reasons You Need A Collaborative Circle…

  1. They let you test your assumptions. There’s always the option of trial and error to discover what you don’t know. And experience is a great teacher. In fact it may be the best way to learn. But you don’t always have to travel that road. Especially when those in your collaborative circle may have similar experience in what you’re trying to do. Save yourself some pain and suffering once in a while and learn from others.
  2. They challenge your beliefs. We are powerless against our beliefs. They literally control all our actions by coloring how the world shows up for us. And they are probably the hardest internal obstacle we have to overcome. A powerful, trusted collaborative circle can get you to at least re-think your beliefs when it’s most important.
  3. They help you focus your vision. Face it. Without a clear outcome in mind, you’ll never achieve what you’re after. For the simple reason you’re not clear what your outcome is. But what I call “fuzzy outcomes” is something that can affect all entrepreneurs. It’s too easy to simply shape an attractive end without considering all the details. Your collaborative circle can help you get out of the fog and get laser focused on what you want – and what’s required to get it.
  4. They’ll point out what you’re ignoring. We tend to ignore the things that we don’t want to see. That’s human nature. We don’t see what we don’t want to see, we don’t hear what we don’t want to hear. Rather we see and hear some “version” of that. Ignoring what you simply don’t want to see is a recipe for disaster. One your collaborative circle can keep you out of.
  5. They’ll hold you accountable. This is really important. The human condition is such that you can’t trust yourself to do ANYTHING! You’ll always find an excuse, a reason, a justification for not doing what you say you’ll do. A solid collaborative circle will hold you to account and speed you on your path to achieving your goals.
  6. There’s the creativity factor. This may sound shocking, but creativity is nothing more than connecting the dots that no one else has. And more dots isn’t always the answer. Often “perspective” trumps how much you know. The more (and more varied) perspective you can have, the more dot’s you can connect. And the more creative you can ultimately be.
  7. Then, of course, there’s problem solving. Collective wisdom can be the key to overcoming even the most frustrating, most stymieing, most immovable roadblocks. I think the video below makes my point…

So I know you’re all nodding your heads. “Yeah Rich, that’s true!”

But let me ask you, what are you doing to build a collaborative circle? Do you have one? How were you before you got involved with it. How often do you get together? What breakthroughs have you had because of it? Let me know what’s so in the comments section below.

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