Finding What Works for You: How to Out-Think Your Procrastination

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about ways to out-think procrastination here on the blog.

If you missed my previous blogs on this, you can check them out below.

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Another Strategy to Out-Think Procrastination

But the truth is, my procrastination takes on different forms on different days. So I have many strategies to get around it.

And what works for me, may not work for you.

So today, I want to wrap-up this procrastination series with another quick way to think your way around your procrastination and get things done faster. But I also want to talk about how to find which strategy will help you out-think your own procrastination. Let’s get started…

Different Venue, Same Work

Lots of us procrastinate because we get bored easily. I myself am guilty of that.

When you find your eyes drooping or your attention wavering, an easy thing you can do is simply get up and change venues.

I often write my blogs at the beach for this very reason. The beach keeps me entertained for a while.

If I find myself losing my focus, I’ll immediately get up and I might go to the cigar bar.

If I get bored at the cigar bar, I might go to Starbucks.

But no matter where I go, I purposely vary my environment instead of varying my work. That way I keep working, no matter what.

So a solution for boredom: Get up and go somewhere else, and then keep working.

Ask Yourself, Why Am I Not Getting This Done Today?

The truth is I can’t tell you why you procrastinate. You could procrastinate for any number of reasons.

Ultimately, you should take some time to reflect on it, because the reasons that I procrastinate may not be yours.

But in my own experience, I’ve found there are times when I’ve been extremely consistent and extremely inconsistent. There are days when you can’t stop me from working, and others when I can’t drag myself to the office.

Perhaps you’ve had the same experience.

So if you’re trying to out-think procrastination, it’s important to think about what’s different between now when you’re procrastinating and the time when you were really productive.

Maybe you’re trying to push yourself to do something that you’re not completely ready for either mentally or for some other reason. It’s worth thinking about.

Pushing yourself harder is not the answer. Instead, you need to think about and then work through what’s blocking you.

Once you find the major difference between being productive and procrastinating, you might figure out what’s stopping you from working and achieving your goals. Then it’s easier to pick a solution to out-think it.

Don’t Waste Time Beating Yourself Up

As you’re working through your challenges with distractions and procrastinations, the most important thing to remember is don’t be too hard on yourself.

Unless you’re a very unusual person, you can’t talk yourself into being more disciplined. And most of us don’t respond well when we get harsh on ourselves either.

If anything, it’s just going to make you procrastinate as you commiserate over why you’re NOT moving forward.

Keep in mind, there are things you can do.

• Move on to equally important tasks when you’re blocked on something
• Schedule in something fun for a few hours from now, so you can work and think faster.
• Change your environment, so you can continue working.
• Keep a kitchen timer, so you only work for a couple hours.
• Ask yourself, “What’s blocking me?” So you can work through it.

Each person is different. But as you’re working through these challenges, remember you’re not alone. Plenty of us entrepreneurs struggle with procrastination.

Bottom line: Your procrastination doesn’t need to stand in your way.