The Power of the “Rolling Launch”

We continue our Q and A series with a really good question concerning product launches from our Guided Profit System lessons.

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CALLER: I’m going to be re-launching my product this week. And in terms of a launch strategy, I guess I don’t even want to try to compete with all these big guys that are doing these massive launches right now.

I’d rather just recruit JVs and affiliates and say, you know, “Here’s everything you need to do this. Just promote it as your schedule permits.” Does it make sense to do it that way?

RICH: First of all, I want to commend you on sticking with the product launch strategy in general. I’ve preached time and time again how Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula changed the way I do business (not to mention increasing my bottom line tremendously). So by taking that approach, you’re definitely on the right track to success.

And what you said certainly makes sense. I can understand how daunting it might be to launch against some of the massive promotions out there. You almost get swallowed up in the mix.

But another option you might want to look at is the “rolling launch”. This is where you basically go from affiliate to affiliate and construct an individualized launch for their particular list.

For example, you could go to one of your affiliates and set up a free teleseminar, free webinar, or even a video streaming event for their list. You give away some good content so they’ll get to know you better–all while creating a buzz and establishing yourself as an authority on the subject.

Then, you start cranking up the launch engine to build anticipation and scarcity, which finally culminates in a profitable launch for both you and the affiliate. Then you move onto the next affiliate in line.

Another great thing about the rolling launch is that it tends to actually be even more powerful than the “big bang” launches as far as cash flow purposes. Because in the end, you’ll most likely sell more products by hitting your partners individually as opposed to all at once.

The key to making this launch approach work is by generating some interaction with the actual list owner. Because your prospects from that list don’t know who you are, but they definitely know who the list owner is.

So if the list owner is going to be on a call with you or doing something interactively with you, then you’ll get a much higher draw. See how it works?

Now, let’s take another question…

Strategic Profits has been utilizing the “rolling launch” model for some time now with great success.

It’s so much more personable and intimate than the big launches, because you spend more time with specific partners and their lists instead of the normal “hit and run” approach.

And those relationships you build will pay off for you–not only during that launch, but with future launches as well.

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P.S. How’s your launches been working for you these days? Hot or not?

Chime in with your stories and comments below. I’d love to hear your opinions on the rolling launch model as well as any tweaks on the launch process that you’ve found profitable.

Let’s all help each other out!

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